Stained Concrete
Offers Unique Design Options

Stained Concrete Designers Customers Trust in Beccaria, PA, Area

J.S. Decorative Concrete offers customers stained concrete floor and surface options that will draw lots of positive attention. As experts in stamped concrete designs for over ten years, we provide a variety of stained concrete floors that will last a lifetime. We know that regular concrete can be boring, which is why we have perfected the art of giving it unique and beautiful stains that are customizable for you. If you have any questions about what kind of concrete floor or surface might be best in your residential or commercial area, give us a call at (814) 299-4484 or contact us online.

Benefits of Stained Concrete for Your Home or Business

Staining concrete floors is an excellent alternative to tile, hardwood, or other high-end flooring solutions. Whether you seek a southwestern, architectural, contemporary, rustic, old world, or a more traditional style, stained concrete makes a stunning floor choice.

When staining concrete, we apply the stain directly onto the original concrete floor. If the concrete floor is in good shape and unpainted, with no carpet, tile, linoleum, or some other floor covering previously installed on it, then concrete staining will create excellent results.

Staining Concrete is a translucent process. Although we make every effort to remove any defect while cleaning the concrete before staining, anything that is on the floor prior to staining the concrete will be a little too much. If you think your floors may need a little more TLC (which is often the case when we are doing a floor that previously had tile, carpet, wood, or linoleum on it) then our high-performance flake system might be a better solution.

A typical staining process consists of:

  1. Cleaning and etching the concrete.
  2. Caulking expansion joints with colored caulk
  3. Two coats eco-stain
  4. Two Coats polyurethane sealer
  5. One coat floor wax

Creating Beautiful Stained Concrete Patterns

Stained concrete floors can add beautiful designs to an existing floor. If you have a concrete floor that is in good condition, but would like a pattern to create something a bit more decorative and eye-pleasing, ask a contractor from J.S. Decorative Concrete to come and stain the area. Staining concrete is a translucent process that can show some of the imperfections on your floor. If you have a floor with too many imperfections that needs repair, a stamped or a metallic floor coating might bring a better result. However, most concrete staining can create beautiful patterns. The total process for staining from J.S. Decorative Concrete includes everything from cleaning and etching the design into the concrete, to a full coat of floor wax. We know you will love a stain to beautify your existing concrete floors.

Schedule Appointment for Free Stained Concrete Estimate

The amount of time it takes to stain and perform other techniques on concrete flooring can vary. J.S. Decorative Concrete knows that your time is valuable, so you can schedule an appointment with us whenever it is most convenient for you. We will give you a free estimate on the amount of time and the price of a stained concrete surface in your residential or commercial area. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment with J.S. Decorative Concrete experts!