Hybrid High-Performance Flake System
by J. S. Decorative Concrete

Innovative System Provides Chemical, Slip, & Odor Resistant Surfaces

J.S. Decorative Concrete of Beccaria, PA, knows that concrete flooring in residential and commercial areas in Central PA must be durable. Family, friends, customers, and other visitors walk on these floors daily, and it may be time for you to add a coating to your floor that can handle anything. We have the perfect hybrid high-performance flake systems that are chemical resistant, slip resistant, and odor resistant. Our expert contractors can come in and apply this floor coating to your already installed concrete floor in your home or business. Call us to apply a hybrid high-performance floor coating at (814) 299-4484 or contact us online.

No Chipping or Cracking with High-Performance Flake System

The floor coating we install is a formula that is a mix of polyurea and polyaspartic resins, which means it will not chip and crack like a paint. The high-performance coating will not chip or peel, and it will outlast other types of coatings in longevity. This coating is strong, easy to clean, and beautiful. Other benefits of these flake systems include:

One Day Installation
UV Resistance

Earth Friendly

Save Time & Effort - Call the Professionals for Floor Coatings

We suggest that you ask a certified professional, such as J.S. Decorative Concrete, to apply this floor coating for the best possible outcome. We can install this in temperatures down to zero degrees Fahrenheit or -17 degrees Celsius. Each of our installers goes through a special training program and are certified to apply this hybrid high-performance flake system. We can install this in residential and commercial areas in Central PA like:


Mud Rooms

Pool Areas
Outdoor Patios


Fire Stations
Police Stations

Maintenance Areas
Service Areas
Clean Rooms

Schedule an Appointment for High-Performance Flake System Application

Our professionals from J.S. Decorative Concrete will come to your location when you schedule an appointment for high-performance flake system application. We offer a free estimate on any of the floor stamping, staining, or coating we do, such as metallic epoxy coatings and exposed aggregate options for homes and businesses. Call and schedule an appointment with us today!